Notes Book

September 11, 2001

What does the attack on the World Trade Center have to do with the drug war? It is no accident that the drug of choice in the USA, alcohol, is illegal in many Moslem countries, and the drug of choice, in many Moslem countries, cannabis, is illegal in the USA.

The Moslem and Christian worlds have been in conflict for centuries, and there is a case to be made that much of this conflict has to do with cultures based on different drugs. We need to learn to live on the same planet by tolerating each others drug habits. Different religions are associated with different drugs. Can we have true freedom of religion and also have drug prohibition?

Our drug war has made us vulnerable to terrorist. The cops in the USA are too busy chasing forfeitures, or just ripping of drugs and drug money to have time to worry about protecting citizens. Illicit drug money funds terrorist organizations all over the world from the Tailbone to the CIA.