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Ann Coulter, Liberal

If you watch Ann on TV, you'll soon notice that her discourse is peppered with the L-word. It's liberals think this, and liberals do that, as if there was a vast, monolithic, left-wing conspiracy. I suppose the headquarters would be somewhere in California.

Liberals want to increase taxes, make government bigger, and intrude in your private life.

What has Bush done. He has increased taxes. Not now, but in the future when the principal on the debt he has run up comes due. Government has grown more under Bush than under any previous president. Bush wants to “decide” who you can marry, and intrude into other aspects of your reproductive life. Bush has worked tirelessly to increase the powers of the government and the presidency. He would like to keep his own doings secret and know everything about the private life of every citizen.

It makes me wonder just how many communists there are in the white house. It seems there must be at least one.

Ann Coulter hates liberals, so she hates herself. This is at least as apparent as her position that Bill Clinton is gay.

She is being used by those elites who control the state to channel the peoples irritation with the state into hatred of “liberals” who she believes are corrupting our society.

Perhaps someday she will wake up and realize that her talents are being used by the right-wing media machine to maintain and grow the power of one of the most oppressive governments in the world. I don't believe this it what she believes she is doing, but perhaps I am mis-underestimating her level of cynicism.