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Defending Saddam Hussein

Neocons say there aren't many Iraqi's that would defend Saddam Hussein.

I have seldom heard a more ridiculous argument for invasion. If you found out a bunch of Iraqi soldiers were crossing the border of your state, would you say, "I don't feel like defending George Bush, so it's none of my business."

I don't think so. You would be concerned about what these foreign invaders were going to do to your family, your business, your city and your life. You would grab your gun and fight.

If we attack Iraqi cities we will be fighting every man woman and child that lives in these cities, and there are 30 million people in Iraq. The Republican Guard is a miniscule threat compared to the wrath of 30 million. Any people will fight for their homes. They may run. They may hide, but they will not forget.

Two or three hundred thousand troops can establish islands of occupation, but they cannot control the entire country.

We could nuke Iraq. We could use our weapons of non-mass destruction to kill two or three million people like we did southeast Asia, but we can't conquer the Iraqi people just as we were not able to conquer the South Vietnamese people, or the Afghan people.

If we want to really defend our country, we need to pull our military and non-military assets back into the borders of the US so they can defend our country. Any announcement of overseas base closings would give our image a tremendous boost in the eyes of the world.

The best defense is not a good offense. An offense is offensive, and will invite retaliation. A defense is defensive and does not require retaliation.

The home team advantage is especially important in military matters. Logistics wins wars, and logistical advantages accrue to short supply lines.

Our mastery of advanced technology has attenuated this factor, but not eliminated it, and our technological advantage is shrinking, and will continue to shrink as long as we waste our energies fighting with each other and the world.

The best defense is a good defense. The best policy is to not make enemies so you don't need either a defense or an offense. It's a lot easier to work for a living. Plumbers are a lot more popular than cops, lawyers and bureaucrats.

The US should stop trying to be the world's cop. We don't need a no-nock warrant for Iraq. We need to start cleaning up the messes we have created all over the world and in our own country.