Notes Book

Freedom from what?

The condition of being free of restraints.
Liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression.

Shrubya Bush wants to export freedom to the entire world. I suppose he figures we have too much of it here.

We are left to speculate what he actually means by "freedom". It seems clear from the definitions above that freedom is not some kind of fluid or powder that can be easily packaged and shipped. Instead it requires the absence of a restraint of some kind. The most common restraints are apparently slavery, detention, and oppression.

One would assume we do not practice slavery here in the USA. But my step-grand daughter recently became eligible for glasses under the California Medicare program. The glasses were late. When we asked why, we were told that the prison where they were made was in lockdown. Slaves made her glasses. Many of these slaves were put in a state if indentured servitude because they chose to use different recreational drugs than those promoted by the state. The fact that some of these drugs are less harmful than those promoted by the state is viewed as a minor inconvenience to those profiting from the misery these unjust laws cause.

If we are truly to export freedom to the entire world as practiced in the USA there will have to be a massive prison building project costing trillions of dollars.

So what exactly does GW Bush think we are free from? Perhaps it is kinder and gentler, compassionate conservatism, moral values, gay marriage, or the United States Constitution.

Paraphrasing, oppression is defined as the arbitrary and cruel exercise of power. I don't feel a lot of freedom from oppression. My greatest sympathies, though, are for those children who are being born and reared in the belly of the beast that is the USA of 2005.