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Golden Revolution

If you don't like the way the central bankers are running our country, and you would like to change the system, don't buy a ticket to DC so you can protest, buy gold or silver, or both.

Protests just make it easy for the Government to justify further crackdowns. Buying physical gold and silver takes energy away from the political system and puts it in a location of your choosing. Hide it well. There's a good chance government agents or other coercivists will come looking for it.

If the general population invested just a fraction of the amount in gold that goes into a presidential election, it would have a huge social and political impact.

The central bankers have conned us all into buying into their schemes. We do it every time we spend dollars.

The way they did it to us was by stealing the monetary value of gold. The gold that is selling for around $1,670 per ounce this week would be worth $20,000 an ounce or more in a market based on a gold standard. I got this figure from discussions on

How do the bankers and the government keep the price so low? They do it by a variety of financial tricks called things like naked shorts or derivatives. All that amounts to is a bunch of people lying about the amount of gold they have in their vaults, and selling the same coin over and over to a lot of different people. In essence they have promised to sell gold and silver they don't really have for a lower than market price. We should make them live up to those promises.

It's another variation on the fractional reserve banking system. You have to have a fractional brain to think that it is socially useful, or would work for very long to set up a system where you can create a dollar by tapping a key on a computer, and then loan the same dollar to a bunch of different people at 20 percent interest. Either you are not smart enough to realize that the people will figure out a way to bring down your house of cards in the long run, or like the late, famous founder of Keynesian economics, you believe that in the long run you will be dead and not around to face the consequences. He did manage to die in time.

If enough people buy gold and silver, the financial house of cards will come falling down, and a lot of other unpleasant and dishonest things will cease too.

By buying physical gold and silver and putting it in a good hiding place, you can not only bring about the social change we need, you can very probably make a profit. You're certainly better off doing that economically than keeping your money in a bank with interest rates that don't even keep up with inflation.

Money in a financial institution can just disappear by government edict or private chicanery. It happens all the time. Just ask those MF Global investors who thought their money was safe for a recent example.

Buying gold and silver is a non-violent, legal, and very low risk way of bringing about social change. If you are mad at a politician, don't yell at the TV, buy an ounce of silver. If you think politics is corrupt, don't make a political contribution, buy some gold. Your political contribution just feeds more energy into a corrupt system. Your purchase of gold or silver takes energy out of the corrupt system and preserves if for you to use later. Every time you buy gold or silver, it costs some bankster money. That's a few dollars less he has to spend on buying politicians. And it brings the system a little closer to that day of reckoning when all those naked shorts and derivatives come due.

My inspiration for this post came from Max Keiser. You can see him on YouTube. He has a campaign to bring down Jamie Diamond of JpMorgan Chase by urging people to buy silver. Why limit it to Jaimie Diamond. If enough people by gold and silver, it could have a very negative effect on the people who have been operating the levers of economic power. They are even brazen enough to call it leverage.

What they don't seem to realize is that levers have two ends. If enough people on the other end of the lever start putting up resistance, then the lever can move the other way very quickly.

If history is any indication, gold will redeem the value it has lost to paper money sooner or later. It's will be much better for middle and lower classes if that happens sooner. It will also be much better for those in the upper classes who are honest and productive.

Even if you are a bankster, or allied with banksters, you need to be looking at alternative lifestyles. The house of credit cards in which you live will not last forever, and may collapse at any time. A little gold and silver is a good insurance policy against economic catastrophe for anyone. Wing nut birthers, lefty socialist do-gooders, sensible independents, and even banksters can all benefit financially and politically from buying gold. Even central bankers are getting into the act. Central banks around the world and now net buyers of gold. The run away from fiat currencies to gold has already started and could become a stampede at any time.

And your ounce of silver or gold will never go to zero value. You can't say that about the US dollar on any other fiat currency. There has never been a Fiat currency that lasted a hundred years, but gold and silver have maintained their value for at least thousands of years.

Buying gold and silver is a low stress, non-violent, and even polite way to bring about the social change we need.

The politicians like to talk about taking our contry back. After decades of taking our country back, the banksters still own it. It might be easier to just buy it back. If you want to be free buy gold.

Don't get mad, get gold.