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Hippies with Nukes

A bunch of longhaired, bearded, pot-smoking hippies with nuclear weapons is the nigphpare of the American elite. So what is the difference between a hippie and an Iranian mullah? I don't think there's much difference in George Bush's mind.

From what I've been reading, some members of the neocon cabal will go into orbit without benefit of external rockets if the Iranian Mullahs go nuclear. They seem to be saying they will go to any length to keep this from happening. Considering what the neocons have already done, that is a scary statement.

It's obvious that nuclear-non-proliferation is not going to be successful in the long term. Like any other technology, nuclear weapons are destined to become cheaper and more widely available over time. Not only that, but there are certain to be more deadly technologies developed in the not to distant future.

The time will come when dissident elements in this country have access to some very deadly weapons.

Perhaps if we were to put as much effort into understanding how to actually bring peace to the world as we have into developing weapons of mass destruction, we could be prepared when that day arrives.

Breakthroughs is the social sciences could provide the means to bring peace, but those breakthroughs are not going to happen while psychologist and sociologists are just shills for the criminal gang called the government. We need social scientists with the courage to speak the truth, even if they must suffer consequences.

One group that speaks out on the shortcomings of government is the Misean School of economics. You can find out more about them on There may be others of which I am unaware, but it is demonstrably true that government today controls the majority of social science in the USA. Most people who work in social science get their paychecks directly or indirectly from the government. The government has a direct economic lever on their good behavior. They are in no position to see the government as the problem, not the solution.

But in cases where that paycheck lever is not available, the government controlled media is always standing by to create a public outcry, as is currently happening in the case of Ward Churchill. His sin is apparently to say that if we continue to kill other people, we can expect them try to kill us. This is something that would be a basic assumption of any rational conversation in most of the world, but it has sent Bill O'Reilly into a frenzy of patriotic rage.

It looks to me that there are a number of wealthy families in the USA that have a tiger by the tail. Their power is likely to diminish drastically in the near future because they are so far in debt economically and morally. The Chinese and Japanese can stop buying US government bonds and American stocks any time they want to cripple our economy. The Baby Boomers are just now beginning to fully realize that these government crooks have been busy stealing their Social Security contributions since the 1980's and have little stomach for giving them back. We may actually get to see the baby boomers live up to their name and go BOOM.

The military is stretched to its limit. It is inefficient and corrupt. The empire may collapse without a military draft, but instituting a draft might cause a revolution. All the minorities are now well-armed and practiced in combat because they make up the majority of the armed forces and the prison population. A revolution in the USA would not be pretty.

Real social science could allow these power elite families a soft landing, and make them even richer than they are now. The elites have it in their power to convert our statist coercive society to a really free society based on voluntary exchange while remaining in control and actually becoming richer and accruing more real power than they have now.

But funding real social science and actually implementing the results of the research would require the elites to come up with some integrity. They have been practicing deception and violence so long that it is hard to imagine them being converted to peaceful scientific objectivity anytime soon.

So here's hoping that when the hippies get nukes they show greater restraint than the current establishment.