Notes Book

The Moral Loophole

By now, you must have seen the Drug Czar's new TV ads about the moral loophole. These ads feature two guys. The drug war advocate wears glasses, and the other guy is barefaced. Bareface is looking for an excuse to buy drugs. He claims to have found the “moral loophole”. If he buys drugs there is only a small chance that he will fund “terror”. He is swiftly put down by glasses.

The mystery of all this is why the government publishes such nonsense. It's obviously a straw man technique. Set up a weak argument and knock it down, and try to claim you have proved your case. Surely it will be lost on very few that much stronger arguments have been ignored. For example, when you pay taxes to the US government, it is 100% certain that you are funding “terror”. If you are not terrified of the IRS and the government courts, then you are missing something. When you buy tobacco or booze, you are also funding this terrifying government.

I suppose the one bright spot in the equation is that publishing such nonsense surely does much to convict the drug warriors of both stupidity and waste of tax money.

But the really outrageous claims are reserved for ad number two in this series. Bareface claims that drug policy is a complicated issue. Glasses say something like “No drug money. No drug dealers. No drug murders. No bribery. No corruption.” Bareface concedes that the issue is not that complicated.

Ah the shame of it. Those wily pot-smokers are forcing the poor innocent cops to steal their money and their dope, and anything else that looks good. The poor judges, border agents, and lawyers are forced to accept bribes.

And the drug murders? It is the government's drug war that has made some items that would otherwise be very cheap worth enough to kill for.