Notes Book

Defense of Marriage

How ironic can you get? The government is proposing to defend marriage from homosexuality. This is the same government that has been relentlessly promoting homosexuality and attacking marriage for at least the last hundred years.

It is well know that the US prison system creates sadomasochistic homosexuals. People confined in crowded conditions with members of the same sex are quite likely to engage in homosexual activities. Prisons and armies exert this pressure 24 hours a day. Cubicles and productions lines do it “only” for 8 to 12 hours a day. While the men are in prison, the army or the corporation, the women must turn to each other for support of various kinds.

If the government had its way, citizens would spend all their time in same-sex labor or combat gangs with only enough time for contact between the sexes to allow for procreation. Luckily the government hasn't quite gotten it's way yet, but it has made enough inroads on marriage, procreation, and child rearing that the birth rate has plummeted, and the children we do produce gift us with such things as school massacres and 12 year old murderers. These are the extreme cases. The ordinary run-of-the-mill child of modern society is rude, crude and ignorant of any practical survival skills, other than parroting state propaganda. When I was a kid, anyone who didn't fit in to the school was quietly expelled. Now they just leave them there to foment more violent types of rebellion. There are some polite and talented kids, but the parents of these children produce them in spite of the government, not because of it.

The marriage penalty is deeply embedded in our whole society. Removing it from the tax code is just a start. We are bombarded with a constant stream of, anti-family propaganda. Our children have no healthy gender role models. Instead they get Mr. Rogers interspersed with large doses of random violence. The periodic attacks on “deadbeat dads” promote the nonsensical proposition that fathers have an obligation to their children but children have no obligations to their fathers. Fathering children is a crime, and the penalty is eighteen years of harassment by the state. Child labor laws separate children from their families, and deny families major benefits that used to accrue from parenting.

Around a hundred and fifty years ago, just before the Un-Civil War, most people were farmers or small shopkeepers. Husbands and wives spent most of their time together. The society was peaceful and productive. It was not without problems, but the average adult white male spent most of his time making his own decisions about his day-to-day work and play.

Since then, we have gotten “free and compulsory education”, the oxymoronic government brainwashing system that has laid the foundation for factories, head start, cubicles, wage-slavery, 50% tax rates, and many other burdens. Our rulers now control what we do and when we do it for most of our lives, and there is compelling evidence that they are making a mess of it.

The proposed government solution to the mess they have created is more of the prescription that created the mess in the first place: more taxation; less authority for families and local communities; more authority for government officials on all levels, and ripping children from the nurturing care of their mothers at an earlier and earlier age.

Each generation has lost a little more of the habit of independent thought and action, and become less and less skeptical about obeying government and corporate leaders. People at all levels of society are becoming less confident of their own judgment, less mature, and less competent to make the logical judgments necessary to detect and resist scams of all types. A population that is smart enough to resist scams is also smart enough to resist government, and that is the last thing our rulers want.

The way to repair society is to repair its basic unit, the family. The way to keep families together is to not use government policy and artificial economic pressure to tear them apart.. We need to completely reorganize our society so husbands, wives, and their children can work, play, learn, and live together as much as possible. There are some situations where that is not possible, but they should be held to the absolute minimum. If strengthening families makes it more difficult for the government to collect taxes and more difficult for corporate bosses to make a profit, that is a small price to pay for a happy and productive society. The harder it is for government to rob families of the products of their labor, the healthier society will become.

While our mastery of physical technology has grown, our grasp of social realities has withered away. We can, and certainly will, learn a lot about social organization from a lot of “third world” societies. Our elites can learn this lesson the hard way or the easy way. Continuing to try to rule the world and the USA through technological trickery and force is the hard way. Recognizing where we have gone wrong and taking corrective action to become productive world citizens again is the easy way.

Other societies are rapidly learning technology, while not abandoning traditional social wisdom. Unless we reform ourselves quickly, we will be left behind.

Statism has been with us for just a few hundred years. Families are common to all higher animals and have been around for at least 50 million years. Families will still be with us after statism is a dimly remembered aberration. Meanwhile societies with strong support for families have a big advantage in producing healthy and wise children.

If we really want to defend marriage, we must find a way to defend it from the state. We certainly can't count on the government to defend it for us.