Notes Book

Take Our Money Back

Politicians promise to help us take back our country. Personally, I don't want the whole country. I'm happy with the half acre that my wife and I own. What we really need to get back is our money.

There have been a lot of attempts to steal back the money that has been stolen by the elites, and those attempts have only made the elites richer. Average people are just not mean enough, or dishonest enough to compete on the field of violence and deceit with the lifetime coercivists who control our society.

But we can make the elites give our money back without resorting to violence or fraud if we can just all pull together and do it.

The first step is to stop letting the coercivists steal our money. When you're in a hole, stop digging. Simply refusing to work a w-2 job is a major blow to the coercivists. I'm not saying not to work. I'm saying don't take the government's wage-slave deal for the economically illiterate. Do everything you legally and morally can to pay the minimum amount of taxes possible.

The first defense against tyranny is a garden. The Chinese have been dealing with corrupt coercivists for thousands of years, and their culture holds gardeners is high regard. Start with a garden and go on to doing everything yourself if you possibly can. If you plant a fruit tree in your back yard, no sales or income tax is collected. No truck, train, or ship has to carry the fruit from South America or California. No exploited laborer has to spend all day picking fruit in the hot sun. You spend a few minutes now and then picking fruit for a meal. It almost takes less time than going to the store and buying fruit. The carbon footprint is minimized. Global warming will be slowed. You will enjoy your produce.

If you fix your own sink instead of calling a plumber, the government doesn't get a cut of the labor costs, you learn a useful skill, and your sink will be fixed when you want it fixed instead of when a busy plumber can get around to your problem.

If we can get enough people to do more things they need for themselves, the one percent will find their income falling dramatically. But that doesn't mean they will stop spending. They have come to think they are entitled to their luxurious lifestyles. So they will begin to live beyond their means. Since they won't have wage slaves to kick around anymore, they will have to actually pay for what they get. They will pay the people who have skills they need. That's us. That's the common people. We're the ones who know how to do things that actually work.

That's how we can get our money back if we have the will and wisdom to do it. It's a lot easier and more productive than rioting, social chaos, and civil war. Violence will increase pollution and the danger of catastrophic climate change. A violent revolution will end up putting us back in the same situation or worse under the control of a different group of coercivists. Resisting and reforming the existing coercivists in place is the easiest and quickest way to get to peace and prosperity.

Obviously, voting has been a dismal failure at producing reform. Politicians just don't keep the promises they make in election campaigns.

Some members of the upper classes got there through honest effort. We need those people. They can and will help us get our money back. They don't want to be tarred with the same brush as the violent and deceitful people who control the coercive apparatus of the government, and it wouldn't help at all to do that.