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More Voting

I have not changed my views expressed in my previous article on voting, but some enhancements have occurred to me.

We have chosen secret ballot voting, but that has problems. Many would prefer open ballots that they can check. Most people are not shy about telling the world how they vote.

Why not give voters a choice between secret and open ballots. Open ballots could be conducted over the Internet without draconian security requirements.

Secret ballots could also be carried out over the Internet with more stringent security requirements.

Very secret ballots could be conducted in permanent locations devoted entirely to voting. Fingerprints, or other biometric data could be required to vote.

Internet voting could be conducted 24/7, 365 days a year. Biometric voting would have to be conducted only during business hours.

Any voter would be able to verify that her vote was registered as she wished.

To prevent excessive personnel changes, all offices could have minimum terms. A candidate might have a guaranteed term in office, but after that she could be voted out at any time.