Notes Book

Over There

It is not the Iraqi insurgents who will throw you in jail if you don't pay your taxes. It is federal, state, city, and county governments here in the USA. It is not the Iraqi insurgents who impose unjust and unreasonable laws and regulations on the US people. We have laws and regulations that would be thrown out if put to a popular vote, but they remain in force because special interests control our government.

The chances that third world “terrorist” is going to affect your life in any way is much more remote than the chance you will be killed in a traffic accident.

But you can be virtually certain that some part of the US governmental system will be pushing you around, taking your money, your time, and your dignity nearly every day of your life.

If we want to be a truly free people, we will have to struggle against those who would control our lives with violence right here in the USA. If we use violence ourselves in this struggle, we will only end up making the situation worse. It is only the spread of true and relevant information that has any chance of bringing fundamental change to our society.

We would have had a good chance of both changing the society in Iraq and securing stable oil supplies by befriending the Iraqi people and respecting their culture. Instead, we supported the dictator Saddam Hussein. Then treated the Iraqi's to years of war, bombing, and sanctions. And then we invaded.

Before we worry about the mote in the eye of the Iraqi body politic, we need to get rid of the beam in the eye of our own society.

Our leaders would like to us to think that it is people thousands of miles away with AK-47's and Grenade launchers who are the biggest threat to our health and welfare. But prisons and police right here in the USA are the true threat.

We have elections where our candidates are Tweedledum and Tweedledumber. Neither alternative offers any hope of true liberty, or any real possibility of shrinking or controlling that vast interlocking criminal organization that is our government.

If we don't get the situation under control, we face the very real possibility that we will suffer the same fate that the militaristic societies in Germany, Japan, and Italy suffered in the 1940's--invasion and occupation by foreign troops.

If we can't get our own government under control, the world will do it for us. It may not happen soon, but the longer the sickness persists, the more difficult and painful the cure. Do we want to leave a problem like that to our children?

We really don't have the option of resisting authoritarianism “over there”. We have no choice but to resist tyranny right here in the United States, sooner or later. Sooner is better.