Notes Book


Let's imagine a country ruled by paranoid schizophrenics. Rule by nut case. I presume such a country would be a terrible place to live.

The schizocrats would view any criticism as a personal attack. Anyone who questioned their decisions would be viewed as an enemy.

They would have irrational policies like imprisoning people for trivial offenses. Murderers and robbers would set free to make room in the prisons for offenses that harmed no one but offended the schizocrats.

They would lie a lot. Perhaps they would pretend to be taking money from rich people to give it to poor people while actually taking money from poor people to give it to rich people. They would publish laws, budgets, and public papers that were indecipherable to all but a few "experts" certified by the schizocrats.

They would be obsessive about secrecy. They would recognize on some level that their activities could not withstand rational scrutiny.

They would start wars with foreign nations on the flimsiest of pretexts. A schizocratic country would have no friends except for other schizoid regimes, and even then, relations would always be under a great deal of strain.

Of course such a government could not exist unless a substantial portion of the population were also delusional.