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The Pathology of Statism

Statism, especially as practiced in the Western Democracies, is a mental disease. All are equal, but when members of the government steal from me, it is taxation, and they don't expect reprisals. When I steal from them, it is theft, and I expect to be jailed.

This illogical and destructive delusion causes people to reject the doctrine of moral equivalence. Today, I heard a spokesman of the Israeli Government claim that his government had "only" destroyed ten percent of the houses in the Palestinian refuge camp at Geneen. Would he feel it was justified if the Palestinians "only" destroyed ten percent of Tel Aviv?

The Israelis are indignant that the Palestinians tried to receive a boatload of arms. How many arms shipments have the gotten in the last year?

If the Palestinians deserve to have a state, do they also deserve to have an army? When and how will they get it?

But our government leaders see the actions of the Israelis as logical and reasonable. If they condemned the state-sponsored terrorism of the Israelis, then they would have to condemn their own terrorist lifestyle.