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Sending a Sunni Message

The USA is trying very hard to “get” The US Army has already killed Saddam's eldest sons and continues to raid and humiliate the Sunni Moslem community in Iraq. These are the same Sunni's that were originally put in power by western governments.

Are we sending a message that if you accept aid from the west, you will eventually be destroyed by the same western imperial power? Is making a deal with the US establishment the same as making a deal with the devil? After an initial payoff, can you eventually expect rack and ruin? Is this the message the Moslem world will take home from our adventures in imperialism?

There are plenty of examples of the US turning on its former favorites; Osama and Saddam are just two recent ones. And then there are those who have kept the faith with the “Americans” but met with a grim fate anyway like the Shah of Iran, and the South Vietnamese.

After decades of favoring the Sunnis at the expense of the Shiites and the Kurds, the US is now grinding down the Sunnis, but it is the Sunnis that have historically most favored the west. It seems we are now pursuing a policy that will result in turning over power in Iraq to the Shiites. When the US Army has weakened the Sunnis sufficiently, the Shiite guerrilla campaign can begin. Are we consciously trying to return power to the mullahs in southern Iraq, or is there some deeper policy objective that I'm not seeing?

Perhaps the intent is to restore the rule of the Sunni minority after Saddam Hussein has been eliminated, but that may be difficult to do. While the US is working out on the Sunnis, the Shiites and the Kurds are more or less content to watch. But once Saddam and crew are gone, the US government will need to deal with all Iraqis fairly if it is to have credibility. That seems unlikely to happen. If the US government can't govern the USA fairly, how can it do so in Iraq? If the US tries to return the rule of Iraq to the Sunni's, it would seem logical that both the Shiites and the Kurds would resist.

After many promises to bring democracy to Iraq, how can the US plausibly deny the Shiite majority their right to rule, but there seems to be widespread resistance in the US government to giving them that right.

Our Neocon masters seem to be trying to establish a theocracy in the USA, where the majority of the citizens oppose such a scheme. At the same time our rulers are suppressing a theocracy in Iraq, where the majority seems to support religious rule. And they are doing all this to promote democracy. The world has seldom seen such a breathtaking display of moral clarity.