Notes Book

The Surge

Do you remember how gas prices went down right before the 2006 elections and then went right back up after the elections.

Now think surge. The US Iraq war casualties are going down before the elections of 2008. What are the chances that they will go right back up after the 2008 election whether the Democrats or Republicans win. We must make an exception for Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich, of course.

I don't think most people would doubt that the establishment would like to take the Iraq war off the front pages. The question would be, do they have that much control over US casualties in Iraq?

A related question is: Why wouldn't they have kept casualties low right along if they do have fine control over the late of violence?

Because of the fog of war, and a concerted misinformation campaign by the main stream media, it is difficult to draw informed conclusions about what is really going on, but extrapolating from what we know about the callous immorality of our government can give us some theories.

Perhaps the powers that be have decided to back off from getting total political control of Iraq until after the elections. Perhaps the Iraqis are saving their bullets for a big push right before the election. It is even remotely possible that the surge is working.

In any case, it is worth considering that the establishment might manipulate the war to get the results they want in an election.