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Tax Day

Tax Day April 15th is that famous deadline, but every day is tax day in the USA. If we could harness all the energy that goes into avoiding, evading, collecting, and whining about taxes, we could certainly solve the energy crisis in California, and then some.

It is actually true that there have been societies that survived for millennia without taxes, and it is also true that no Government has survived for more than a few decades with the levels of taxation we have today.

Fortunately, the people survive. There is life after tax hell. China still exists, as does Rome, but governments have fallen in both places. Unfortunately, a lot of people can get crushed by falling governments, or governments trying to maintain their balance.

In order to relieve ourselves of the burden of taxation, we need to start talking about eliminating them altogether. As long as we talk about just reducing taxes, we are arguing about the price, when we really need to be concerned with what we are. As long as you want to tax someone else, you give them the right to tax you.

There are plenty of other ways to raise tons of money and do socially useful things. Ask any Church or Corporation.

I doubt that any society will every completely eliminate violence and threats, but we could have a society where robbery was not the official basis of the society. It has been done for extensive periods of time by so-called "primitive cultures" in the south Pacific and in Africa, if my college anthrolopology book can be believed, and if my memory of what it said those many years ago is till correct.