Notes Book


Teacher What is the answer to this question?
Student Any question has nearly an infinity of possible answers.
Teacher I meant the correct answer.
Student The best answer to a question is very dependent on who asks the question, the social and physical environments of the participants, and the process of judging which answer is best.
Teacher Thats just nitpicking. Every serious scholar knows which answers are correct.
Student And you are a serious scholar?
Teacher I certainly am. I have a high degree. I'm certified by the government.
Student So the government has serious scholars that have an opinion about which answer is best, and they check to see if you have the same opinion.
Teacher It's not an opinion. Some answers are just right.
Student I dont agree with that. Is that an opinion?
Teacher Seems like more of an attitude to me. I'm starting to think you will never be a serious scholar.
Student I won't. I don't want to be a serious scholar. I want to be a frivolous scholar and think about all those answers you serious scholars don't consider to be correct.
Teacher I dont think that attitude will get you very far in this world.
Student Perhaps not, but it sounds like a lot of fun.
Teacher I'm starting to get really impatient with you. You would do well to just answer the question, young man.
Student What was the question?
Teacher Well now I can't remember, but I have another question. Why are you so impudent?
Student I don't consider myself impudent, just logical.
Teacher Well that certainly won't be tolerated in this school. I'm not against it, but the principle is not exactly logical and the superintendent is worse. And then there are the voters. How could any logical person vote for free and compulsory.
Student Right. So why are we wasting our time on these silly diversions when we could be getting a life?
Teacher You may be right. Perhaps we should take the rest of the day off.