Notes Book

Virtual Peace Protest

Instead of buying a bus ticket to the nearest big city, why not just stay home and write emails and letter, put up web sites, and make telephone calls. How about making a peace video.

When you have marched in the city, and then go back home to the suburbs, your protest has ended, but when you write an email or a letter or put up a web site, you leave message that just keeps on talking.

Instead of having the protest on the weekend, why not have it on Monday. If a lot of people stayed home from their jobs, the establishment would notice. Hitting them in the pocket book will alarm them more than fighting with them. After all, people who are into war are also usually people who love to fight.

It would cost you something to stay home from work, but it would cost the establishment more. They need you a lot more than you need them. It probably wouldn't cost much more than physically going out to protest, and it would be a lot safer and harder for the establishment to counter. Roaming the streets irritates people who are not controlling the policies you want to change, and may turn off people who might otherwise be sympathetic.

Expressing your opinion on the Internet or the phone makes more of an impact with less disruption to your fellow citizens. Instead of irritating people who are just trying to use public thoroughfares, why not irritate the policy makers and media moguls who are supporting the war effort.