Notes Book

A Bureau of Wasting Money and Doing Nothing

Back when we had a War Department, the USA was a relatively peaceful nation—at least more peaceful than it has been since we go a “Defense” Department. We now have a great percentage of the world's population mad at us.

The Bureau of Land Management is taking over more and more land so eventually, the citizens of the USA won't have anywhere to live.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has created decaying slums in which only the most desperate will live.

The Department of Education has eliminated our children's ability of think and substituted the ability to repeat government propaganda.

The Justice Department is now kidnapping people without justification, notification, or accountability. The USA now has a greater percentage of it population in prison than any other nation. It's now the land of the convict and the home of the parolee.

The Supreme Court has taken to producing documents that make the Delphi Oracle seem like a model of clarity.

The Central Intelligence Agency is neither centralized nor intelligent. It now seems that intelligence is neither a science nor an art, but a very expensive way of generating Statist delusions. Perhaps we would be better off to replace CIA, the NSA, and all the black budget agencies that we suspect must exist. We could just get a few creative writers like George Lucas, and Stan Lee to generate the reports, and get more entertainment and the same level of accuracy. We could save billions.

We have yet to see what the Department of Homeland Security will accomplish, but it makes me tremble to think about it.

It seems whatever you name a government agency; what it actually does will produce the opposite results. Therefore, we need to create a “Bureau of Wasting Money and Doing Nothing”. It would surely be the most productive and efficient organization the government has ever produced.

We have no idea what such an agency would actually do, but then that's no different from any other government agency.