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1Large Man
2Next Bad
3Feel Time
4Predicting the Past Narration
5Predicting the Past
6Step Back Vocal
7Step Back
8Power of No Narration
9Power of No
10Whisperin the Truth
11Whisperin the Truth Vocal
12Age of Rock Vocal
13Age of Rock
14Part Person
15Same Feel
16Important Thing
18Maskeraid Narration
19Mills of The Gods
20Mills of the Gods Narration
21Next Tell
22Child Know
23Different Little
24Little Life
26Good Walk
27Not a Slave to Your Delusion Vocal
28Not a Slave to Your Delusion
29Group Work
30Little Fact
31Early Public
32Few Ask
33Watermelon Sugar
34Watermelon Sugar Vocal
35Authoritarian vs Libertarian Narration
36Authoritarian vs Libertarian
37Group Man
38Think Long
39Company Thing