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1Same Use
2Old World
3Early High
4Large New
5Important Bad
6Government Sleep
7Not That Complicated Vocal
8Find Large
9Private Good
10High Say
11Authoritarian Democracy
12Authoritarian Democracy Narration
13Thing Run
14Explore Blue
15Beat Heart
16Group Thing
17Do Do
18Explain Dinner
19Blowin in the Wind
20Blowin in the Wind Vocal
21Run Small
22Last Work
23Create Changes
24Place Place
25Early Person
26Down Scale
28Heterodyne Narration
30Sort Narration
31Enemies of Truth
32Enemies of Truth Vocal
33Rotary Engine
34Ratary Engine Narration
35Residue Rational
36Residue Ratinal Narration
37Week Case
38Different Good
39Good Go
40Resettable Counter