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1Smooth Transition
2Sinner Man Vocal
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11Restless Vocal
13Abortion Narration
14All Creatures
15Aiken Drum Vocal
16All Creatures Vocal
17Amazin Grace Vocal
18Authoritarian Christmas
19Amazing Grace Vocal
20Ants Go Marchin Vocal
21Authoritarian Dreams
22Authoritarian Christmas Narration
23Authoritarian Medicine
24Authoritarian Dreams Narration
25Authoritarian Medicine Narration
27Autism Narration
28Away in a Manger
29Barbra Allen
30Away in a Manger Vocal
31Barbra Allen Vocal
32Battle of Jericho Vocal
33Bicycle Economics Narration
34Billion Standing
35Big Rock Candy Mountain Vocal
36Blue Tail Fly
37Billy Boy Vocal
38Body Serve
39Blue Tail Fly Vocal
40Border Narration