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1Lines Vocal.avi
2Fixing the Constitution Narration.avi
3Economics Without Money Narration.avi
4We Shall Overcome Vocal.avi
5Farther Along Vocal.avi
6Revolutionary Suggestions Narration.avi
7Smooth Transition Narration.avi
8Preicarnation Narration.avi
9Monetary Value Narration.avi
10Bomb Bomb Bomb Vocal.avi
11Monkey See Monkey Do Narration.avi
12My God Narration.avi
13Track and Trace Vocal.avi
14Jobs Jobs Jobs Narration.avi
15Gorilla War Narration.avi
16Real Social Science Narration.avi
17Punishment Narration.avi
18Lying Buttress Narration.avi
19Criminal Majority Narration.avi
20Rent Narration.avi
21Constitutional Narration.avi
22Pillars of Tyranny vocal.avi
23Gather at the River Vocal.avi
24Dynastic Credentialism Narration.avi
25Cyborg Morality Narration.avi
26Paper Force Narration.avi
27Residue Rational Narration.avi
28Virus of Truth vocal.avi
29Sing Along Vocal.avi
30Globalism Narration.avi
31Lawyer Arithmetic Narration.avi
32InfoSphere Narration.avi
33Yes We Can vocal.avi
34Value Inversion Narration.avi
35Managing Force Narration.avi
36Polite Revolution Narration.avi
37Lawyer Tricks Narration.avi
38Power of No Narration.avi
39Just Say No vocal.avi
40Authoritarian Intelligence Narration.avi
41End Game Narration.avi
42Authoritarian Dementia Narration.avi
43Alice Vocal.avi
44Abortion Narration.avi
45Quit Your Job vocal.avi
46Credit Narration.avi
47Prohibitionism Narration.avi
48Serial Cover Up Narration.avi
49Singing for Robots Narration.avi
50Tuning Narration.avi
51Price of Secrecy Narration.avi
52Dr Falsie Vocal.avi
53Five G Vax Narration.avi
54Sort Narration.avi
55Justice Narration.avi
56Medical Misinformation Narration.avi
57Coercive Overhead Narration.avi
58Professional Narration.avi
59Step Back vocal.avi
60Ism Is Vocal.avi
61Creative Leverage Narration.avi
62What You Think is Right Vocal.avi
63Tech Tsunami Narration.avi
64Criminal Calculator Narration.avi
65Rats vocal.avi
66Invest in Freedom Narration.avi
67Authoritarian vs Libertarian Narration.avi
68Laws Change Narration.avi
69Disinformation Vocal.avi
70Don Matter Vocal.avi
71Lies vocal.avi
72Fractional Reserve Narration.avi
73Pride Narration.avi
74Mining Emotions Narration.avi
75White House Coke Narration.avi
76Truck It Narration.avi
77Dementocracy Narration.avi
78Beachhead Narration.avi
79Useless Eaters Narration.avi
80Fine Print Narration.avi
81After the Jab Narration.avi
82Nominal Distortion Narration.avi
83Ring of Truth Vocal.avi
84Inflation Narration.avi
85Have Thine Own Way vocal.avi
86Authoritarians vs Authority Narration.avi
87Ukraine Don Matter Narration.avi
88Extra Universal Aliens Narration.avi
89Silver Bullet Narration.avi
90Street Tactics Narration.avi
91No Recession Narration.avi
92Audit Narration.avi
93Cold Fusion Narration.avi
94Intellectual Property Narration.avi
95Bureaucrats vocal.avi
96Economic Revolution Narration.avi
97New World Odor Vocal.avi
98Criminalizing Law Narration.avi
99Dangerous Truth Narration.avi
100Authoritarian Accounting Narration.avi
101Gays Narration.avi
102Commie Straw Man Narration.avi
103Policy Narration.avi
104Kill Ratio Narration.avi
105Mapping Gold Narration.avi
106Absolutely Narration.avi
107Selective Enforcement Narration.avi
108Deadly Jobs Narration.avi
109Minarchy Narration.avi
110Fentanyl Narration.avi
111Jesus Loves Me Vocal.avi
112Dont Be Evil Narration.avi
113Nothing to Hide Narration.avi
114Permanent Jubilee Narration.avi
115Interrupted Education Narration.avi
116Pandemic Amnesty Narration.avi
117Self Defining Organisms Narration.avi
118Genocidal Maniac Vocal.avi
119Tis So Sweet Vocal.avi
120Ignorance Narration.avi
121Connotation Fraud Narration.avi
122Normies Narration.avi
123Reserve Currency Narration.avi
124Hard Cash Narration.avi
125Inflationary Overhead Narration.avi
126Freedom Today vocal.avi
127Grapevine vocal.avi
128Dress Code Narration.avi
129Evil Root Vocal.avi
130Macro Mistake Narration.avi
131Syntel Narration.avi
132Morlocks Narration.avi
133PegLess Economics Narration.avi
134Authoritarian Grief Narration.avi
135Terrorist Majority Narration.avi
136Babysitting Narration.avi
137Putin the Guerrilla Narration.avi
138Over There Narration.avi
139The Tyrannical Grocer.avi
140Cognitive Warfare Narration.avi
142Cults Vocal.avi
143Zero Sum Game Narration.avi
144Military Way Narration.avi
145Price of Truth Narration.avi
146Zionism Narration.avi
147Billions of Us Vocal.avi
148Hybrid Transportation Narration.avi