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1Commie Straw Man Narration.mp3
2Billions of Us.mp3
3Jobs Jobs Jobs Narration.avi
5Disinformation Vocal.mp3
6Macro Mistake Narration.mp3
7White House Coke.mp3
8Dont Be Evil.mp3
9Economics Without Money Narration.avi
10Commie Straw Man.mp3
11Residue Rational Narration.avi
12Medical Misinformation Narration.avi
14Criminal Majority Narration.avi
15Real Social Science Narration.avi
16Paper Force Narration.avi
17Authoritarian Grief.mp3
18Punishment Narration.avi
19Evil Root.mp3
20Lying Buttress Narration.avi
21Pillars of Tyranny vocal.avi
22Credit Narration.avi
23Constitutional Narration.avi
24Rent Narration.avi
25Pride Narration.avi
26Cyborg Morality Narration.avi
27Dynastic Credentialism Narration.avi
28Pride Narration.mp3
29The Tyrannical Grocer.mp3
30Criminalizing Law Narration.mp3
31Smooth Transition Narration.avi
32White House Coke Narration.avi
34Authoritarian vs Libertarian Narration.avi
35Dont Be Evil Narration.avi
36Macro Mistake.mp3
37Criminalizing Law Narration.avi
38Gorilla War Narration.avi
39Price of Secrecy Narration.avi
40Mucous Membranes Narration.mp3