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1Your Eyes Met mine Vocal
2Yes We Can Vocal
3Write In Narration
4Wounded Monkey Diet Narration
5Worthless Blues Vocal
6Wildwood Flower Vocal
7Whoa Mama Vocal
8Whisperin the Truth Vocal
9Where He Leads Vocal
10Where Could I Go Vocal
11What You Gonna Do Vocal
12Were You There Vocal
13Week Think
14Watermelon Sugar Vocal
15War on Families Narration
16War no More Vocal
17Waltzing Matilda Vocal
18Wall Narration
19Wage Slavery Ends Narration
20Vote Go Vocal
21Volga Boatmen Vocal
22Viral Blues Vocal
23Value Inversion Narration
24Value Confusion Narration
25Tuning Narration
26Truth Bomb Vocal
27Trust Busters Narration
28Tool of Tyranny Vocal
29TikTok Narration
30Threat Assessment Vocal
31Thinkin Like a Slave Vocal
32Tell old Bill Vocal
33Tell it on the Mountain Vocal
34Taxation Vocal
35Tapering Ponzis Narration
36T Rex Blues Vocal
37Swing Low Vocal
38Sweet Betsy Vocal
39Streets of Laredo Vocal
40Star Spangled Banner Vocal