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1Yes We Can Vocal
2Mucous Membranes Narration
3Against the Law Vocal
4Smooth Transition Narration
5Audit Narration
6Fighting Crime Narration
7Cyborg Morality Narration
8Real Social Science Narration
9Large Get
10Elections Narration
11Criminal Majority Narration
12InfoSphere Narration
13Value Inversion Narration
14Idiolect Narration
15Authoritarian Intelligence Narration
16Power of No Narration
17Creative Leverage Narration
18Punishment Narration
19Taxation Vocal
20Sort Narration
21Jobs Jobs Jobs Narration
22Step Back Vocal
23Gorilla War Narration
24Rats Vocal
25Just Say No Vocal
26Paper Force Narration
27Coercive Overhead Narration
28Lawyers Rule Vocal
29None of the Above Vocal
30Authoritarian Democracy Narration
31Power of No
32Enemies of Truth Vocal
33Pillars of Tyranny Vocal
34Censorship Vocal
35Not That Hard Vocal
36Authoritarian Dementia Narration
37Value Confusion Narration
38Moses Vocal
39Homesteading Narration