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1Against the Law Vocal
2Leg Vocal
3MemoCrats Vocal
4Yes We Can Vocal
5Nine Eleven Vocal
6Definition of Crime Vocal
7Just Say No Vocal
8Sweet Betsy Vocal
9Blessed Assurance Vocal
10Not That Hard Vocal
11Donna Donna Vocal
12Where Could I Go Vocal
13Honesty Vocal
14Holy Holy Holy Vocal
15Your Eyes Met mine Vocal
16Streets of Laredo Vocal
17How Great Thou Art Vocal
18Rock of Ages Vocal
19Lawyers Rule Vocal
20College Professor Vocal
21Blue Tail Fly Vocal
22Were You There Vocal
23War no More Vocal
24T Rex Blues Vocal
25St James Infirmary Vocal
26Smugglin Man Vocal
27Sing for Me Vocal
28Silver Threads Vocal
29Shortnin Bread Vocal
30Row the Boat Vocal
31Richland Woman Vocal
32Prices Vocal
33None of the Above Vocal
34Matty Grove Vocal
35Lines Vocal
36Levers of Power Vocal
37John Henry Vocal
38In the Pines Vocal
39Goodnight Irene Vocal
40Down and Out Vocal
41Camptown Races Vocal
42Buffalo Gals Vocal
43Amazing Grace Vocal
44All Creatures Vocal
45Pillars of Tyranny Vocal
46What You Gonna Do Vocal
47Tool of Tyranny Vocal
48Praise to the Lord Vocal
49House of the Rising Sun Vocal
50Hail Jesus Name Vocal
51Cotton Mill Girls Vocal
52Comin Home Vocal
53Bitcoin Blues Vocal
54Ball Game Vocal
55Tell old Bill Vocal
56Get Your Fear Here Vocal
57Dry Bones Vocal
58Cant Say No Vocal
59Borgoise Town Vocal
60Away in a Manger Vocal
61It is Well Vocal
62Worthless Blues Vocal
63Volga Boatmen Vocal
64Truth Bomb Vocal
65Tell it on the Mountain Vocal
66Taxation Vocal
67Swing Low Vocal
68Spanish Cavalier Vocal
69Sinner Man Vocal
70Shove It Vocal
71Shadrach Meshach Abednego Vocal
72Same Boat Brother Vocal
73Saints Marchin In Vocal
74Rock Island Line Vocal
75Reality Show Vocal
76PhD in Poor Vocal
77Opinions of the Masses Vocal
78Old Blue Vocal
79My Vison Vocal
80Moral Equivalency Vocal
81Molly Malone Vocal
82Margie Vocal
83Let Me Call You Sweetheart Vocal
84Holy Holy Vocal
85Hold On Vocal
86Hesitation Blues Vocal
87Great Faithfulness Vocal
88Gravity Vocal
89Froggy Went A Courtin Vocal
90Frankie and Johnny Vocal
91Fear Here Vocal
92Fantasy Finance Vocal
93Down in the Valley Vocal
94Crisis Vocal
95Counterfeiter Vocal
96Cotton Eyed Joe Vocal
97Corrina Corrina Vocal
98Constant Sorrow Vocal
99Billy Boy Vocal
100Big Rock Candy Mountain Vocal
101Battle of Jericho Vocal
102Barbra Allen Vocal
103Ants Go Marchin Vocal
104Amazin Grace Vocal
105Aiken Drum Vocal
106People Are People Vocal
107Nanny State Blues Vocal
108Old Rugged Cross Vocal
109Sidewalks of New York Vocal
110Moses Vocal
111Days of Love Vocal
112Restless Vocal
113Nobodys Business Vocal
114Hammer Vocal
115Where He Leads Vocal
116Qualified for Love Vocal
117Fog War Vocal
118In the Garden Vocal
119Hush a Bye Vocal
120Low Bridge Vocal